« Your voice is unique, so is your ring. »

The SOUND JEWELRY project allows you to create a unique piece of jewelry with your voice. An analysis of your vocal spectrography creates a minimalistic and elegant pattern of decoration on the most iconic rings.

Select your base ring model, send in your voice by telling us your name, for example, and our proprietary 3D modeling algorithms will take care of the rest.

Spectrogram voice

A male voice saying « Ta, ta, ta. »

spectrogram 3d voice

3d spectrogram

sound jewelry

Plain & voiced rings


« Every item is as unique as your voice timbre. »

voice timbre biometric

Our innovative concept goes beyond the restraints of a conventional catalogue. The use of additive manufacturing technologies, algorithmic and participatory design processes allow you to co-create a unique and personalized item.


The use of biometric data as a source of decorative patterns unveils the aesthetic potential of the information already present within the morphology of your own body.  


sound jewelry biometric

Luxury items as this collection of rings are an example of the paradigm-shift happening in the fields of design and engineering.

From mass-customization to production-on-demand passing through parametricism, the SOUND JEWELRY rings collection showcases all the characteristics of the latest generation of design thinking.

Our jewelry collection is entirely made with the most reliable professional 3D printing technologies and made with Sterling Silver. Other materials such as 18k gold and platinum are available upon special request.

3d printing sound jewelry